Winter and Summer Steelhead

Techniques for steelhead include side-drifting, bobber-dogging, throwing spinners, as well as drift fishing from the boat or bank. I will occasionally pull plugs, but I find my clients have more fun with the more active presentations. I will always choose the most effective presentation to match my anglers' ability to the conditions that day.

winter steelhead
spring chinook


Most fishing for spring chinook is done from an anchored boat, though sometimes we will back-bounce eggs as the water warms up. Mostly we will be plunking Rogue River rigs and running plugs in the travel lane. This is trophy hunting and not a numbers fishery. The quality of the fish is unbeatable.

Fall Salmon

Fall salmon can kick off as early as July and can be broken up into two seasons: bay and river. All the early season fishing is done in tidewater or the nearshore ocean and primarily involves trolling. Once the river hits the magic level in September or October, we will pretty much fish the rest of the season in the river above tidewater. Fall salmon techniques in the river include pulling plugs, as well as back-bouncing or bobber-fishing eggs. We can also cast spinners for coho during the height of the run.

fall salmon